Some recent testimonials and feedback from clients (many thanks!):

"Awesome.  I'll definitely be going again.  Thank you very much."(Mrs L)

"Best thing I ever did was book my two children and myself into body talk. With Bodytalk we have learnt so much about how things affect our energy flow and how our body reacts to emotions we thought we had put to one side. Through Bodytalk I've learned to listen to my own body and with Neil's help taught my children to do the same. They both get so much out of Bodytalk it's an amazing therapy to have and we would recommend anyone to try it. We have got so much from Bodytalk or as my nan would say food for thought.  Thank you xx"(Mrs S) 

"After watching a Bodytalk presentation, I booked a session for my daughter and then myself. Great results achieved. Interesting & thought provoking treatment, that worked for us both. Highly recommended." (Mrs C) 

"Very impressed and I slept very well after my first session. I am still not quite sure how it works, but I definitely felt better after and I will be going back for more!" (Ms O)

"I really enjoyed the BodyTalk session with Neil. Everything that came up during the session was very relevant and i also found it very relaxing. Neil explained everything really well as the session unfolded an I felt very comfortable and at ease. Thank you Neil." (Ms D)

"It felt the right time to continue with this therapy. Each time explores deeper layers of attachments needing to be acknowledged and released. This last session also confirmed some work I am doing at this time. As it is the body itself responding it is non invasive, gentle, explorative and empowering." (Mrs W)

"On Saturday I had my first body talk experience. The things that were said were so interesting and were so true. I have problems sleeping and this was picked up in my session, but last night I had the best night sleep, after a year of not sleeping. I would definitely recommend body talk and have already booked my next one. Thank you Neil." (Ms A)

 "Thank you very much for the BodyTalk session with you on Saturday. Two days later, "wonderfully profound" are my residing emotions, thoughts and sensations, on several levels. I look forward to our next session." (Mr P)

"More impactful than I could have expected from a first visit.  I'm very glad I went to investigate this - on the recommendation of a good friend; I was impressed at the speed with which Neil identified historic issues of which he couldn't have had prior knowledge, and at how much more at ease I've felt since.  I'll be going back." (Ms T)

"I was thrilled with the outcome from my first session at BodyTalk. Neil has introduced me to some wonderful new techniques, and the findings made complete sense to me. I feel better already and would recommend BodyTalk to everyone, especially because the session price is so reasonable." (Ms G)

"An excellent session! Neil is so professional and the outcomes during the session quite profound, yet totally relevant! I have just booked my next session as I feel so confident in both the method and the practitioner! I am already feeling better with almost immediate result in one area! Looking forward to the long term results! Thanks again!" (Ms S)

"I feel a lot better after the first session. Back pain has almost disappeared." (Ms N) [by the next session Ms N reported that her back pain had completely gone]

"Hi Neil, I have noticed a difference already for the better and hope things will continue to do so and looking forward to my next session :)" (Ms S)

"Hi, thank you for the mini treatment last night. I do feel noticeably better this morning, my brain feels more 'fluid' and my skin has improved :-) I will be in touch again once the 8 weeks has passed xx" (Ms I)

"BodyTalk has been a big part of my life, It had been several years since I last had a treatment and had forgotten what it was like. Thanks to Neil it reaffirmed to me the power of the technique. Knowing I had problems due to unsolved emotions, and physical unbalancement, no other modality on the Island seemed to make much difference, and within 2 days I felt tremendously better. I recommend Body Talk Isle Of Man highly. If it is your first time and you are unsure please give it a go as it can make a profound difference in your life." (Ms O)