About me         

I grew up on the Isle of Man - my mother was Manx and I have traced my ancestry back through her to the 1600s in the Lonan area.  After graduating with a degree in Mathematics, for 25 years I worked as an actuary in the insurance industry in various countries around the world.  

I discovered BodyTalk through my two daughters, one of whom had an eating disorder and the other has special educational needs. My wife and I had been exploring alternative approaches to help them for several years, having become increasingly frustrated by mainstream medicine's symptom-"treating" approach. We finally arrived at BodyTalk, which I firmly believe has helped them enormously.

The more I learned about BodyTalk, and the more sessions I had myself, the more I was attracted to its approach of treating the bodymind holistically and resolving the conflicts and miscommunications in the body which are the root causes of problems. Since becoming a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner I hugely enjoy practising BodyTalk and am now delighted to be the Isle of Man's first BodyTalk Practitioner.

I completed BodyTalk Fundamentals and Fundamentals Integration training courses, and qualified as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.  Since qualification I have also completed all the Advanced BodyTalk training modules (Bio-Dynamics, MindScape, Macrocosmic BodyMind, Principles of Consciousness and Matrix Dynamics), also Energetics, and the training modules for BodyTalk for Animals and BodyTalk for Plants.  I use the animals and plants techniques on our smallholding here at Ballawyllin.

Due to family circumstances I am now working mostly with family members rather than external clients.  While doing so I am developing my own approach to complementary energy therapy, adding in my own areas of interest (resonance / frequency / tone therapy, chaos theory, etc) to the approaches underlying BodyTalk.  I expect to relaunch my therapy work with clients in the coming years.

Particular areas of interest

I have worked with clients with a wide range of health and other issues, and am particularly interested in

  • Chronic pain - back, neck etc
  • Autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, neurological disorders
  • Work stress-related issues
  • Hormonal issues including endocrine disorders, fertility, menopause, eating disorders
  • Immune disorders, allergies, intolerances, digestive issues
  • Addictions
  • Confidence and performance (I have used BodyTalk on myself in these areas, improving my confidence, acting and singing technique markedly over recent years)